Nora Jordan, founder of DJour Entertainment started the company to bring femininity and style to the DJ industry. Her love of music and entertainment started in the radio industry, while she interned and then worked for WROR 105.7, and then went live on the air at WERS 88.9 FM. Nora has been a resident DJ on the Spirit of Boston for over 2 years where she regularly DJs for a diverse group of events.

Nora loves DJing for private events, especially weddings! She understand the trends of the modern wedding industry and works with each couple individually to make sure that their personalities and love stories are showcased through the music and vibe that they chose.

Nora's love of fitness has led her to DJ for fitness events around Boston including The Movement, a 300 person yoga class taught by Boston's Best Yoga Instructor winner Goldie Kaufenberg, at Sports Club/LA's spin One Foundation Fundraiser, HERA's Climb4Life at MetroRock Boston, and in-store at Lululemon Athletica.

Favorite Dance Song: James Brown's Get Up Offa That Thing
Favorite Slow Song: John Mayer's Love Is a Verb
Favorite Wedding Color Combo: Mint + Slate
Favorite Wedding Venue: Museum of Science, Boston

Check out this video of Nora doing her thing!

Nora can be contacted directly by e-mailing

Kelli 'DJ Kellin It' Berard, principle DJour DJ comes from a background in art, dance, and theater. Kelli loves the entertainment industry and performing. Her in-depth music knowledge comes from experience DJing for all kinds of events and a diverse group of clients including weddings, student group, corporate functions, international organizations and more.

With a B. A. in psychology, Kelli has a unique perspective on how people process and experience music. She has killed it during her year long residency as a DJ on the Spirit of Boston where she has developed her voice and style as a DJ and MC.

Favorite Dance Song: Outkast's Hey Ya
Favorite Slow Song: Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling In Love
Favorite Wedding Color Combo: Coral + Ivory
Favorite Wedding Venue: Hyatt Boston Harbor, Boston